Künstler & Freunde

Wir lieben Kunst! 

Deswegen hängen im Fischerhaus originale Malereien und Fotografien von Künstlern, deren Kunst wir sehr mögen und die uns am Herzen liegen.

Bedroom ground floor

CLOUDS by Eduard Schizle

Eduard Schizle is known for his photorealistic painting. He lives and works in Paderborn. In his works he wants to capture moments that are from the „WHAT IS THERE“. Often it is only excerpts that are taken like a snapshot and are brought to the canvas. It was a great pleasure for us in 2018 an exhibition with Eduard‘s paintings in the märz | manufaktur. Now three of its smaller formats hang in the „cloud room“.

Johanna Bath

In 2018 we saw Johanna Bath‘s painting for the first time in the glass elephant in Hamm. Fascinated by the special mixing technique of oil, acrylic, spray paints and neon and the motifs that really touched us, we contacted Johanna quite quickly. In 2019, she showed her artwork at märz | manufaktur in Paderborn.

„In my works, I explore the construct of TIME and look for ways to create this abstract, make an invisible phenomenon tangible and accessible through painting. I am interested in the emotional and nostalgic component, which is associated with time and transience (key terms are for example fate, timing, coincidence, etc.). An atmosphere of silence and intimacy between image and viewer is just as important to me as a playful, partly concrete, partly abstract visual language, which provides space for a individual interpretation.“

Paintings in the livingroom

Michael Belhadi

Michael Belhadi‘s career began with photos of surgeries for medical journals. And to this day, the photographer is fascinated by everything that lies beneath the surface – but now he has made the anatomy of cities his motif. He takes unusual angles and thus works out the beauty of everyday places. From moving snapshots in the subway to the architectural encounter between East and West to the completely frozen cinema curtain, he captures his adopted hometown of Berlin in a striking way. 

But Belhadi not only captures the capital in his photographs, but also places he travels, that attract him or inspire him in other ways.
In 2015 we took the photographs on the occasion of the Paderborn Photo Days in märz | manufaktur.

Nadia Wadoud

During the renovation of the fisherman’s house I took many photos to record what we are creating there. This is how most of the photos were taken on our website.

On my many explorations the photos of the Brodtener Steep Bank were taken.
Photographs Kitchen

Sofa Kirwald?



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