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Beautiful excursion, destinations and leisure activities in and around Niendorf.

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1. Brodtener Steilufer -

Hiking trail between Travemünde and Niendorf:

The Brodtener Steilufer is a 4 km long coastal strip of the Lübeck bay, which is bordered by Niendorf and Travemünde.

There are two ways to explore the Brodtener Ufer. The hiking trail above the Brodtener Steilufer is characterized by its comfortable accessibility, bicycle suitability and the fantastic panoramic views of the sea as well as the Schleswig-Holstein hills. The hiking trail below the steep bank, which runs directly at the surf, is characterized by sea noise, waterfront demolitions, fallen trees, floating wood, drift material, tang, shells as well as stones of all sizes and colours. The lower shore is very popular with anglers, who endure their catch up to their knees in the water. The only staircase that leads directly down the edge of the steep shore is located near the youth house Seeblick (Wieskoppel/Brodten), about 1 km from the Baltic Sea resort of Niendorf. No matter which way is chosen, both have their appeal. If you suffer from tired feet after the hike to Travemünde, you can take a bus back to Niendorf from Travemünde, which regularly runs in both directions.

2.  Hemmelsdorfer See:

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The Hemmelsdorfer See is geographically the deepest point in Germany and worth an excursion for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers. For these, the hiking trail that leads around the lake is particularly recommended. From this, a detour to the Hermann-Löns-Lookout Tower should be made.

From this 20 meter high tower you have a fantastic panoramic view over the five kilometer long lake, its reed belt and the forest, bush and meadow area. The tower is located on the northern edge of the lake, deep in the Aalbeek lowlands, a small river that connects Lake Hemmelsdorf with the Niendorf harbour and thus with the Baltic Sea.

From the tower you can see the view as far as on the beach. On clear days, he can also see the famous seven church towers of Lübeck on the south-eastern horizon, less than 15 kilometres away. But even if the weather is not clear as desired, the trip to the wooden observation tower is worthwhile. Because it gives the view of pure nature, of countless, often rare animal and bird species and the unique surroundings with its exciting excursion destinations.

3. Vogelpark Niendorf:

The Niendorf Bird Park is home to about 1,000 birds and 250 species.

Particularly worth seeing is the owl collection, which is one of the largest in the world. The 70,000 sqm bird park is located in a picturesque reed landscape in the immediate vicinity of the Aalbeek-Niederung nature reserve and the Niendorf harbour. The paths of the park naturally fit into the reed landscape. There are numerous ponds for waterfowl such as pelicans, flamingos and swans.

The park is suitable for children and disabled people. The entire park is barrier-free and easily accessible for wheelchair users. On the playground there is a large bouncy cushion, a slide and a double swing as well as several rotary circles. /// vogelpark-niendorf.de ///


How big are sharks? How many species of jellyfish are there? How old are sea turtles?

Special focus here is on the experience character for young and old. During the regular feeding times, children can become active themselves and help to feed freshwater fish or rays, they are thrilled with stories about the sea creatures and so-called „touch basins“ are waiting for the visitors. Here you can experience for yourself what it feels like when cleaning shrimps clean their fingertips. In addition, many other topics around our seas are addressed, such as the littering of the seas or the protection of species. /// visitsealife.com///

5. Cycling tour along the bay of Lübeck:

There are many possibilities to explore Timmendorf and Niendorf by bike.

The most beautiful routes can be found here on this page , as well as more information on how and where to rent bicycles. https://www.luebecker-bucht-ostsee.de/radtouren.

6. Hansa Park:


The HANSA-PARK is Germany‘s only adventure park by the sea, harmoniously embedded in the coastal landscape of the Lübeck Bay, between the Baltic Sea resorts of Neustadt and Scharbeutz.  More than 30 unique driving attractions await adventurers, big and small, in eleven lovingly staged themed worlds. Splashy and rushing boat trips, unique ship models and many maritime exhibits characterize the great world of experience. Many attractions and shows to join in, join in and marvel at await you in Hansa Park.


7. Ostsee Therme:

For visitors to the Baltic Sea thermal baths, the focus is on adventurous slides, swirls and attractions, where you can really let off steam.

Whether swimmers or nonswimmers, there is something for every taste in the water worlds of the thermal baths. From non-swimmer areas and lovingly designed children‘s pools to the courses offered by the in-house swimming school, such as children‘s and baby swimming, everything is included.

In addition to spectacular water slides and adventurous attractions, there are also quiet relaxing areas with various wellness stations.




The indoor pool can be reached in a few minutes on foot. A good alternative for those who would like to swim a few laps – independence from weather conditions.


9. SURFschule Niendorf:


The windsurfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddleing) school and offer courses for beginners and advanced from the 8th year of life. www.surfschule-niendorf-ostsee.de


The Queen of the Hanseatic League is worth a visit at any time of the year.

The old town of Lübeck with its 1800 listed buildings, located on an island and declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, houses numerous sights and museums that can be easily explored on foot on a walk through the corridors and courtyards – hotels and restaurants invite you to linger.

By train from Timmendorfer Bahnhof, Lübeck can be reached in 15minutes.

Information about sights, museums, city tours and much more can be found here www.luebeck-tourismus.de

11. Hamburg:

In our opinion, Hamburg is always worth a visit.

If you are currently on holiday at the Fischerhaus and would like to take a day trip to nearby Hamburg, you will find useful tips and interesting sights on this page. www.hamburg.de/tagesausflug-hamburg/

Hamburg can be reached in 11.4 hours by train. Simply get on the train to Lübeck in Timmendorf and continue there by train to Hamburg.

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